The Correct Taxi Charge from KLIA2 to BATU BERENDAM

Obviously, riding berkupon KLIA Terminal 2 (KLIA2)is seen as one of the regular mode of transport if people want to transfer from KLIA2 to BATU BERENDAMwihtout trouble.

Coupon Taxi Price from KLIA2 to BATU BERENDAM

If a tourist is taking a Budget Taxi , the airport coupon taxi price is exactly RM144.50 only per trip from KLIA2 to BATU BERENDAM. Such taxi fare is not burdening especially if divided among 3 persons in companion since every person only has to share around RM48.17 .

Better still, Premier Taxi can be hired at the charge of around RM202.30 if people want to move to BATU BERENDAM on a more luxury taxi.

For your knowledge, Family Taxi which is able to fit in six or less passengers with bags can be taken at RM396.50 for charter from KLIA2 to BATU BERENDAM.

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