One Way Taxi Fare from KLIA / KLIA2 to JALAN THAMBUSAMY

For most people, riding taxi is known as one of the most preferred mode of transportation for tourists who go from KLIA / KLIA2 to JALAN THAMBUSAMYcomfortably.

The Right Taxi Charge from KLIA to JALAN THAMBUSAMY

If a person is using Budget Taxi, the fee should be RM74.30 from KLIA to JALAN THAMBUSAMY. The charge is very cheap if shared among 4 persons for the very reason that each individual only bear about RM18.58 only.

At the same time, Premier Taxi is also at your service at the fare of approximately RM102.10 for tourists who travel to JALAN THAMBUSAMY from KLIA/KLIA2.

As you know, Family Taxi which can take 6 people is available for hire at RM199.80 for the trip from KLIA to JALAN THAMBUSAMY.

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