The Right Taxi Charge from KLIA 2 to WISMA TRACTOR

For tourists, riding Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) taxi should be one of the default public transport for people who travel from KLIA 2to WISMA TRACTORfor the first time.

The Correct Taxi Price from KLIA2 to WISMA TRACTOR

If a visitor is taking a Budget Taxi , the coupon taxi fare shall be estimated to be RM64.20 for the trip from KLIA2 to WISMA TRACTOR. The amount is quite low especially when distributed between 2 passengers in a group as each passenger only needs to fork out RM32.10 .

Conversely, Premier Taxi is also available for hire at the price of about RM85.30 for people who transfer to WISMA TRACTOR on an executive car.

You may not know, Family Taxi which has the capacity to be taken by six persons is at your service at roughly RM167.70 to go from KLIA2 to WISMA TRACTOR.

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